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Hello. I am an architecture student at the University of Waterloo in Cambridge, Ontario. This blog for me at least is a means of soul searching, looking to capture as much of life as I can through every medium. This is a documentation of my search for peace of mind. Expect distractions. Expect Spontaneity. Do not always expect an explanation. Love, Connor

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Prototyping 3D printing method from HPI reduces construction time of model making by a tenth creating wireframe versions of forms - video embedded below:

WirePrint prints 3D objects as wireframe previews. By extruding filament directly into 3D space instead of printing layer-wise, it achieves a speed-up of up to a factor of 10, allowing designers to iterate more quickly in the early stages of design …

Even though considered a rapid prototyping tool, 3D printing is so slow that a reasonably sized object requires printing overnight. This slows designers down to a single iteration per day. With WirePrint, we propose to instead print low-fidelity wireframe previews in the early stages of the design process. Wireframe previews are 3D prints in which surfaces have been replaced with a wireframe mesh. Since wireframe previews are to scale and represent the overall shape of the 3D object, they allow users to quickly verify key aspects of their 3D design, such as the ergonomic fit.

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Herzog & de Meuron, Parish Art Museum, New York, 2012


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Estudio para el pintor Arranz-Bravo, Garces de Seta Bonet architectes.

(Source: europaconcorsi.com)


AFGH, Finnish Tower, Rotsee, 2014


Morphosis. GA Houses. 9 1981: 158 - 155 | RNDRD

(Source: arquigraph)

sheppard robson architects and the importance of hand drawing the design process


Dan Burr and Lee Bennett of the architectural practice Sheppard Robson underline the importance of hand sketching in the design process.

Lee Bennet muses, “When you’re working with a computer, there’s a machine in the way. When you’re drawing, its an instant connection between your brain and the paper, and there’s something kind of instant about it, and magical.”


Wine Terrace and Spa Gereben Marián Architects Ltd.

"Situated close to Eger, at the foot of Nagy Eged Hill, a wine terrace is to be built on the vineyard grounds belonging to the Csutorás Winery. Serving as an ideal location for wine tastings, the wine terrace is complemented by 4 small huts and a lookout, located at the edge of the site. The huts resemble the archaic buildings of the wine region with their characteristic proportions and use of materials. The folded roof structure of the terrace provides a perfect place to relax and enjoy the scenic view with a glass of wine"

(Source: archatlas)


Multidisciplinar Studio in Barcelona  |  Josep Ferrando Arquitectura + Roman Ortega
Location: Barcelona, Spain  |  Drawings: 1. 2. 3